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Abandoned the convent Maria decides to use what has been learnt and first creates a small shop with only a wood-burning oven and then opens a new pastry, "La Pasticceria di Maria", in via Vittorio Emanuele near the Piazza Umberto I.
Maria Grammatico
The "Antica Pasticceria del Convento" is the result of many years of sacrifices by Maria Grammatico.
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Despite the fame gained, Mary remains a simple woman, but at the same time very determined, and he wanted to keep alive the tradition of the production of sweets, creating the external pastry "Antica pasticceria del Convento", initially run by sister Angela, sadly no longer with us today.

Follow his story, well known all over the world, means retracing the history of pastry "ericina"." Maria Grammatico was born in Erice in 1940, the eldest of a large family composed of three males and three females.

Angela Grammatico
At the age of eleven he entered the San Carlo, a religious Institute of cloistered nuns, that to survive the tough postwar years, produced and sold cakes and cookies prepared according to old recipes. Mary stays for a long time in the convent, and meanwhile, spying the nuns at work, learn their ancient pastry art.
Today the pastry "Antica pasticceria del Convento", is run by Angela's daughter, Mrs. Giacoma Pirro.
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